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Buju Banton - Born For Greatness... Album Cover, Tracklist & Release Date

07/12/2023 by Reggaeville

Buju Banton - Born For Greatness... Album Cover, Tracklist & Release Date

Buju Banton's new album Born For Greatness, which was originally scheduled for a release on July 28, will be out on September 8. Buju Banton announced the final release date on his social media platforms today. He also released the album cover and tracklist for the first time. Pre-order starts this Friday!

We talked to Buju in detail about the upcoming album in the latest edition of FESTIVILLE [click here to read]

Born For Greatness, your brand new album is coming up in July [September]. This is your 14th studio album, you’re in the business now for almost 40 years. Do you still feel excited when you present a new release to the fans?

I am excited whenever time I enter the studio and go around the microphone. The very thought of making music has always been a thrill and when that spirit leaves me then I know it’s time for me to step away from it.

Born For Greatness is also the third track of the album, on which you sing “Superstar, supercar, supermodels, I am beyond that level” and “I don’t follow you rules, I guess am lawless, still making big moves regardless”. Have you always been that confident or is that a mindset you’ve developed over the years?

In this life that we live, if you’re not confident in you, no one else will be. The first confidence to have is in you because all things are created twice: the mental creation and the physical creation. So, yes, I‘ve always had that confidence to know that I’m up against a mammoth, a giant. But regardless of what I am up against, I’m going to do me. I’m going to get the message across to the people. I’m going to swim across the ocean. It’s going to happen. […] FULL INTERVIEW HERE

But tell me, what do you think of the state of ganja globally now with many countries or regions having it legalised or decriminalised, and also in Jamaica in particular because it sounds like you think there is still a lot of hypocrisy?

There is a lot of hypocrisy because the people who suffered the most for marijuana, especially those original farmers right in America, right in Mexico, right in Jamaica, right all over the world, nowhere is immune, they are not the beneficiaries of these new laws that has been enacted. The same oppressors now assume their role, having the licence, keeping it on cronies and take over, and the small man’s farm is still being destroyed to make sure that the man who have the dispensary herb is being sold. It come to a point even in my country that they were talking about importing marijuana from Canada and all these things. These levels of hypocrisy that we as citizens of the global community who see marijuana being commercialised in this time which we know that is a sacred herb. We just see it as wrong. It is wrong. […]

01. Ageless Time
02. Life Choices
03. Born For Greatness
04. Coconut Wata (SIP)
05. Yard and Outta Road
06. Body Touching Body feat. Victoria Mònét
07. Turn Up Tonight
08. Sweeter
09. Feel A Way feat. Stephen Marley
10. Plans
11. Nuff Love For You
12. Walked Out
13. We Find A Way
14. My Microphone
15. High Life feat. Snoop Dogg
16. Trial By Fire
17. Let My People Go