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Bounty Killer vs. Beenie Man @ Verzuz TV - The Epic Clash Revisited

05/24/2020 by Gardy Stein

Bounty Killer vs. Beenie Man @ Verzuz TV - The Epic Clash Revisited

"On stage we war, in life we par!" (Bounty Killer to Beenie Man)

What a ting! It's the talk of the globe in terms of music. Forget Corona, curfew and social distancing, this is the epic clash Bounty Killer vs. Beenie Man. No way you can claim to be a lover of Reggae & Dancehall when you have NOT seen this! In case the time difference made it difficult for you to watch the event live, we rush to the rescue: just grab a drink, follow the link below and enjoy some prime time entertainment right now. Sorry neighbours!

Even if you have seen the clash live, it is well worth pulling up your favourite parts of the live video again and again (and again and again...). Be it the first-class delivery of all the greatest hits the artists ever wrote, be it the hilarious interaction between the two entertainers that will make you roll on the floor with laughter at times, be it the moment a police officer entered the location to make them stop: "We have 500,000 people right now watching us all over the world. Officer, do you want to be that guy?" Or, when Bounty discovered that Rihanna had tuned in to the live stream... "RiRi she see wewe pon di TV, Bounty Killer alongside Beenie!" 

This was Dancehall History right there. Big up to everyone involved pulling this off, to Verzuz TV for the flawless transmission, and to the artists themselves, of course, showcasing Jamaican culture in such a beautiful, authentic way. Ending the clash with a sing-along to Bob Marley's One Love couldn't make the message clearer - music is a place where we can all come together, put our struggles aside and find joy and unity. 

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