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Selassie Is The Chapel - Super Rare Bob Marley Single From 1968 Gets Reissue


Selassie Is The Chapel - Super Rare Bob Marley Single From 1968 Gets Reissue

Legendary Rasta adaptation of the million-selling oldie Crying in the Chapel  by the Orioles (1953) and Elvis Presley (1965) [SCROLL DOWN TO LISTEN]. Sung by Bob Marley, produced by Rasta elder Mortimer Planno. Originally released on vinyl in 1968 and only 26 copies were pressed. 

PRESS RELEASE: "Over 40 years after his untimely death, a new Bob Marley single titled Selassie is the Chapel has been released via his original label, JAD Records. For the very first time, the song is available to stream on all digital platforms. A limited edition 7” vinyl of the single (limited to 2000 copies) is also available now.

Bob Marley is known and loved worldwide not only for his music, but as a truly spiritual figurehead and an embodiment of peace, truth and love. Selassie is the Chapel is a rare, spiritual and emotive recording, one that was incredibly dear to Marley and delivers a personal statement from him about his beliefs. This beautiful song is being presented as a message of peace to the world, at a time of global turbulence. People all over the world are invited to take solace in Marley’s words and music this Christmas time, a period where for some, feelings of spirituality are most alive, and when we are filled with hope for the New Year. 

Bob Marley was a devout Rastafarian, and his beliefs shaped his life. When Haile Selassie visited Jamaica in 1966, he was greeted by Mortimer Planno, who wrote the lyrics for Selassie is the Chapel. Planno played a huge part in shaping Marley’s involvement in the Rastafarian religion and remains a significant spiritual figurehead throughout Jamaica. Marley’s beliefs and unswerving devotion to the Rastafarian faith were always a key part of his enduring message.

Selassie is the Chapel is the first release from JAD Records in 7 years, and is part of a larger catalogue of Bob Marley recordings that were produced exclusively for the label during the 1960s and 70s. It was conceived after Marley had been discovered in Jamaica by Johnny Nash and JAD co-founder Danny Sims, the latter of whom was partner and manager to Nash, and later to Marley

The world lost Bob Marley far too early, but with the release of this new single and through his vast, cherished catalogue, he lives on to give us his enduring message of “One Love”."


JAD Records was founded in 1967 by singer-songwriter Johnny Nash, producer Arthur Jenkins and businessman Danny Sims. It remains as one of the most authentic, independent sources of significant black music, with a roster that includes Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Gil Scott Heron, Betty Wright, Gloria Gaynor and Lloyd Price.

 Danny Sims had already created a successful music empire in New York, with records, music publishing and the famous Sapphire club which was frequented by the stars and personalities of the day, and where many great relationships were forged. In addition to his career in music, Sims acted as a consultant and advisor to many important personalities, including Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Harry Belafonte and Gil Scott Heron. Sims introduced many of these people to one another and was at the forefront of the emerging black culture movement, before he and Nash decided to move to Jamaica to discover new and unknown music. It was there that they discovered Bob Marley. Without them, the world may have never known his work and inspiration.


Haile Selassie is the Chapel
Power of the Trinity (Trinity, Trinity is He)
Build your mind on this direction
Serve the living God and live (Living God and Live)

Take your troubles to Selassie
He is the only King of Kings (King of kings, King of kings is he)
Conquering Lion of Judah
Triumphantly we all must sing (All must sing, all must sing)

I search and I search on book of Man
In the Revelation, look what I find
Haile Selassie is the Chapel
And the world should know (All should know, all should know)
That man is the Angel
Our God, the King of Kings

Listen to Elvis Presley's Crying In The Chapel from 1965: