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Bob Marley 2011 - So Nesta Seh... #4

04/11/2011 by Jack Low

Bob Marley 2011 - So Nesta Seh... #4


Welcome to another edition of So Nesta Say. This week we are posting an interview of Bob Marley in 1979 during his shows at the Apollo Theatre in New York City. These shows where very important, because they where suppose to help break Bob Marley & The Wailers to an African American audience.

This was the first time Marley and the Wailers played at the historically African American Theatre. It is the same theatre as Bob's Heroes Marcus Garvey and James Brown performed in.  The interview is conducted by Earl Chin who was one of the first people to have an all reggae show on cable television in the United States. I hope you all enjoy.

All the Best,

Jack Low