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Bob Andy's 'Lots of Love and I' Album from 1977 Re-Released

01/28/2019 by Press Release

Bob Andy's 'Lots of Love and I' Album from 1977 Re-Released

The much-loved songs of the Sixties from KeithBob AndyAnderson had been among the first from his homeland to herald the social commentary which later became reggae’s globally recognized trademark. Bob’s reputation as one of most consistent and incisive songwriters and singers was cemented with the release of the Lots of Love and I album in 1977.

Produced and arranged by Bob Andy, the set was a deep, introspective set “because” as he recalls ”...some of the songs are born out of misery and pain and suffering, and one way to get that outside of you is to exercise those kind of emotions”.

The set contains ten classic songs, including the perennially popular Feel The Feeling and the poignant observations of The Ghetto Stays in the Mind, informed by Bob’s own bitter experiences “...that inspired me to put down the other tracks.” such as Stepping Free, Mash It Up, and two updates from Bob’s Studio One canon, My Time and Unchain Me, where Bob’s goal was to reclaim those anthems by expressing them in a different style.

Musicians of the calibre of Sly Dunbar on drums, Robbie Shakespeare on bass and former Skatalite Tommy McCook on tenor saxophone and The Revolutionaries provide much more than mere accompaniment and add immeasurably to Bob’s beautiful songs. The set was recorded in its entirety in downtown Kingston at the legendary Treasure Isle Recording Studio with Duke Reid’s nephew, Errol Brown, at the controls.

Unavailable for over a quarter of a century, Bob Andy’s only album recorded in the roots era has been re-released at last.

Listen to the full album below:
01. Lots Of Love And I
02. Feel The Feeling
03. You Lied
04. Troubled Woman
05. My Time (I Deserve)
06. Unchain Me 
07. Stepping Free
08. Mash It Up
09. The Ghetto Stays In The Mind
10. Revelation