Blvk H3ro ADD

Blvk H3ro - The Immortal Steppa

Blvk H3ro - The Immortal Steppa

DIGITAL RELEASE [Dub Shot Records]

Release date: 02/15/2019


01. Feet Don't Fail
02. Movin' On
03. Skydive feat. Leno Banton
04. H3rb
05. Watch Yuh Step feat. Iotosh
06. Superstition
07. Funk Out feat. Royal Blu
08. Can I (Show Ya)
09. Blvk Peppa
10. Get High
11. M.A.R.Y.
12. My Love
13. Mama
14. We On

Featured artists

Royal Blu / Leno Banton


Listening to this album, I wondered, for the first time ever, if its review belongs on a Reggae Site, to be honest. Where most other releases have a straight approach and an easily discernible pattern of Roots, Rockers, Rocksteady or Dancehall, the I ...

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