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Boss Sounds From Randy’s Records... I Love The Reggay!

Boss Sounds From Randy’s Records... I Love The Reggay!

CD [Doctor Bird]

Release date: 02/12/2021


01. Randy's All Stars - I'm The One, You're The One*
02. The Gaylads - The Same Thing 
03. Winston Samuels - Lick It Back
04. Count Matchuki & Randy's All Stars - Pepper Pot
05. Joe White - If I Needed Someone*
06. The Gaylads - I Love The Reggay
07. Randy's All Stars - Randy's Reggae*
08. Dave Barker - Hit Me Back*
09. Winston Samuels - I Am Getting Old*
10. Randy's All Stars - Dixie*
11. The Lyrics - Who Cause It*
12. The Gaylads - Sock It To Me
13. Count Matchuki & Randy's All Stars  - War Fare
14. Nora Dean - Me Want Me
15. Winston Samuels - A Lover's Quest*
16. Randy's All Stars - Time Out*
17. Randy's All Stars - War*
18. Randy's All Stars - What Does It Takes*
19. The Gaylads - Weh She Do Now
20. The Lyrics - Give Thanks*
21. Randy's All Stars - Waterfall*
22. Delroy Wilson - Together*
23. Randy's All Stars - Blue Danube Waltz*
24. Joe White - Somwone To Love*
25. Tommy McCook - Rocking Chariot
26. The Lyrics - Hold On Girl*
27. Randy's All Stars - Endust Aka End Us

* Previously unreleased on CD

At the close of the Sixties, having been a significant presence on the Jamaican music since 1958, Randy’s Records owners, Vincent and Pat Chin, decided to expand their business by building a recording studio above the famed Randy’s Record Mart shop at 17 North Parade, Kingston.

Over the months that immediately ensued, numerous recordings were produced at the new facility, primarily under the auspices of Gaylads founder, Harris B.B Seaton. The best of these early reggae recordings are gathered on this celebration of rare boss sounds, which includes 17 tracks making their CD debut!


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