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New Documentary: Azizzi Romeo - Always Learning

02/10/2023 by Reggaeville

New Documentary: Azizzi Romeo - Always Learning

African Youth is an international release that was born from two places on either side of the world. Steven Jess Borth II aka CHLLNGR, a California born producer now based in Copenhagen, Denmark, first heard of Azizzi from an instagram post that Lila Iké had put on her profile, praising his unique style and flow. From this post CHLLNGR contacted Walshy Fire to see if he could make the connection for him and Azizzi and sure enough, via the internet we now have the 12“ single African Youth out on February 24th on Tribe 84 Records and Livity Music.

The instrumentals for both African Youth and Change Of Policy came from a session that was recorded by the band Livity All Stars, that features many members from the reggae roots instrumental group, Guiding Star Orchestra. CHLLNGR had purchased a 2 inch tape for their tape machine and was determined to fill the tape with some nice instrumentals on that day. Walshy Fire had suggested that they try something in the vibe of Strange Things by John Holt and from that Change Of Policy was born.

In March of 2022 CHLLNGR took flight to Jamaica with filmmaker Andreas Johnson to film music videos for both tunes for the release and in the six day period of them being there, the living legend Max Romeo, Azizzi’s father had invited them to stay at the family’s home were they shot both of the videos as well as a mini documentary that coincides the release. In the short period of time they were able to visit Earl “Chinna” Smith and join in on a session with him as well as do a recording session at King Jammy’s studio in Waterhouse.

The 12” single features the two songs African Youth and Change Of Policy and both songs have an accompanying dub that was mixed in their studio in the Nordvest quarter of Copenhagen. The ever so talented Morten McCoy was at the controls and what you hear was mixed live and direct just like it was done back in the day.

This is just the beginning of many collaborations with Azizzi Romeo and we can’t wait for you to experience a taste of what we have made together.