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Aza Lineage @ Wha' Gwaan Munchy?!? #73

03/28/2023 by Munchy

In this new edition of WHA' GWAAN MUNCHY?!?, coming to you straight from Jamaica, Munchy welcomes Aza Lineage:

Aza Lineage releases new EP Kingston To Cali produced by Natty Megs of More Life Productions.
Aza Lineage about her friendship with producer Natty Megs.
Aza Lineage about the importance of a personal connection when making music.
Micah Shemaiah presents fifth studio album Jamaica Jamaica also including the single Run Things.
Aza Lineage about her favorite sound system and dance.
Aza Lineage about her single No Winners Of War.
Aza Lineage about friendship and what inspired the song Smile Again.
Aza Lineage about planting, gardening and self-sustainability.
Kabaka Pyramid & The Bebble Rockers on tour in Europe.
Kabaka Pyramid & The Bebble Rockers live in Dortmund, Germany.
Aza Lineage returns from tour in Mexico.