Anthony B ADD

Anthony B - Tears Of Luv

Anthony B - Tears Of Luv

CD / DIGITAL RELEASE [Born Fire Music]

Release date: 10/16/2015


01. There Is A Reward For Me feat. Richie Spice
02. Can’t Hold Me Back
03. Build Back The Vibes
04. Love Mi Weed
05. Mau Mau Warrior
06. Guh Tell (Badmine)
07. Maria
08. We Are Only Human feat. D.Wisdom
09. Thinkerlude
10. How Do You Sleep
11. Vow Of The Nazarine
12. Life Good
13. Best Of The Best feat. Sizzla, Capleton & Jah Clarity
14. Peace And Love (The Only Way) feat. Kandia Kora
15. My Oxygen
16. Love Come Down
17. She Loves Me Like Jesus
18. 21 To 1

Featured artists

Capleton / Sizzla / Richie Spice


The 1990’s witnessed what has been called the “Rasta Renaissance” as well as the sudden appearance and prevalence of a small army of artists whose music was fueled by the teachings of Prince Emanuel Charles Edwards, founder of the Bobo Ashanti branch ...

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