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New Album Release: Alborosie - Soul Pirate Acoustic


New Album Release: Alborosie - Soul Pirate Acoustic

A new Alborosie album is scheduled to be released on December 1st: Soul Pirate Acoustic!

Alborosie about the project: „Soul Pirate was my first album from 2006. It was my first project since I moved to Jamaica. It’s a lot of experience in there with the culture and the people. You can actually listen the direction of my music. Sometime I try to add more salt to my music to bring back that vibe.
To keep yourself… the way you are, keep your music like how you started, but to add… to change it up a likkle… in a way that it still remains the same, but in the meantime it gained a little freshness. So this is the right time to do it.“

The album will be available digital, on CD and also as CD/DVD package.
It was recorded at Shengen Studio Kingston Jamaica. Mixed by Rachel Alina, Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper of Turtle Tone Studio NYC. 

Find below the tracklist and the video premiere of Diversity (Acoustic):


1. Diversity

2. Herbalist

3. Black Woman

4. Police

5. Still Blazing

6. Kingston Town

7. Rastafari Anthem

8. Kingdom of Zion

9. Johnny B. Goode

1. Black Woman

2. Diversity

3. Herbalist

4. Kingston Town

5. Police

6. Rastafari Anthem

7. Still Blazing

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