Agent Sasco ADD

Assassin - Theory of Reggaetivity

Assassin - Theory of Reggaetivity

DIGITAL RELEASE [Germaica Digital]

Release date: 02/19/2016


01. Theory of Reggaetivity
02. What Is Reggae? (AC, LC, JC Intro)
03. Reggae Origin
04. Health and Wealth
05. LL (Intro)
06. Feel Highrie
07. Mix Up
08. Crazy feat. Elesia Iimura
09. Africa
10. J-O-B (Skit)
11. Slave No More feat. Chronixx
12. Stronger
13. Day in Day Out
14. Country Bus


Whether you know him by his original moniker, Assassin, or by his most recent and more Googleable appellation, Agent Sasco, the man who was born Jeffrey Campbell has one of the most recognizable, powerful, and respected voices in dancehall music. ...

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