Addis Pablo ADD

Addis Pablo - In My Fathers House

Addis Pablo - In My Fathers House


Release date: 02/25/2014


01. Addis Pablo - Road to Addis
02. Earl Sixteen - Evolution
03. Addis Pablo feat. Earl Sixteen - Evolutionary Rockers
04. Addis Pablo - In a Di Gideon
05. Addis Pablo feat. Sylford Walker - Gideon Rockers
06. Addis Pablo - His Majesty
07. Prince Alla - Giving Thanks
08. Addis Pablo feat. Prince Alla - Rockers Trodding Jah Road
09. Addis Pablo - Walls of Jericho
10. Addis Pablo feat. Jah Exile - To the Chief Musicians
11. Addis Pablo - Wareika Mystic
12. Chezidek - Thanks and Praise
13. Addis Pablo feat.Chezidek - Rockers International Version
14. Addis Pablo - One Love, One Heart, One Family
15. Addis Pablo - Rockers Version
16. Addis Pablo - In My Father's House
17. Addis Pablo - My Father Version

Featured artists

Chezidek / Earl Sixteen / Prince Alla


In my father’s house there are many mansions” is a biblical verse from the book of John that is rife with potential meanings. It is a significant saying in the culture of Rastafari and has been quoted in notable reggae songs by Bunny Wailer and Prin ...

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