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The Power of Determination

The Power of Determination


Release date: 04/21/2015

From the dancehall to the altar, Stitchie reveals in this powerful book the source of the creative energy that has made him such an outstanding musical talent. It all comes from the power of determination. Starting with his experiences as a mischievous child growing up in Spanish Town, Stitchie tells us about the influential people who steered him in the right direction.
First of all, he honors his mother for nurturing in him the foundation values of decency, honesty and discipline that have shaped his character. Stitchie also pays tribute to his many teachers, especially those at the Tivoli Gardens Comprehensive High, who helped him in many practical ways to stay in school and out of trouble. In this honest account of good friends and bad, Stitchie doesn’t hide the truth about the terrible wages of sin and crime. Bad company can lead well-intentioned youth to their death. But the power of determination can bring you back on track when temptation pushes you down the path of destruction. And there is quite a lot of humor in Stitchie’s story. He certainly knows how to tek bad things mek joke.
This is a serious book that illustrates just how much each of us can accomplish when we set our mind to it and accept the power of divine guidance in our lives.

Professor Carolyn Cooper.

About the Author
Registered at birth as CLEVE AMAN LAING, but was born in the capital City of Kingston Jamaica. School and trained within the walls of the inner-city in such territories; born in Olympic Gardens, Live in Riverton City, moved to Water House, grow up in the first capital of Jamaica, Spanish Town and attended school in Tivoli Gardens. In the early 1980's I arrived at Tivoli Gardens High School eager and earnest in my chosen occupation of teaching and there I met the author of this book as a final year student doing external examinations. At first he was unassuming going about task of completing assignments set for his up and coming G.C.E. Art Exam. During the practical class and some lunch break an engaging teacher/student relationship developed between Cleve and I, to the point where he referred to me as his older brother and mentor. Surprisingly we discovered that we were both born in the blessed month of September and enjoyed much the same things such as; a love for reading, sport, art and music. Cleve, though from a very poor and humble home in Spanish Town, was ambitious, concerned for his fellow students and generous with the little resources he had at his disposal. This was especially evident in the way he shared of his artistic talent and the materials he worked with which was sometime short in supply. After leaving school he went on to further his education at G.C.Foster College of Physical Education and Sport, where he qualified himself to become a Teacher like his mentor.

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